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PROGRAM: New model for self-sufficiency building
Surface: 24 000m2
Situation: Hanoi Region, Vietnam
Date: 2012
  • Environment: self- sufficiency
    To some extent, the center is self- sufficient about energy and water for daily use. The building is designed so as to to get rid of or minimize polution. The building materials will be carefully chosen so as to minimize the gas wastes which may cause greenhouse effect.

  • Management of the rain water
    The rain water is used to cool the building, for daily use and drinking.
    1- A system carrying the rain water to the underground tank at 14oc or 15oc.
    2- A cooling system to cool the floor
    3- A system to supply water to the toilets

  • 4- A system carrying water to the processing tank to produce potable water
    5- A system to distribute potable water to the storeys of the building

  • Management of the solar energy
    The solar light and radiation are used to produce electricity enough for use in the building and heating the water for daily use.
    1-The solar panel is used, covering the roof of the building
    2-Change the electric current from DC to AC
    3-Distributing electricity to the electric network of the building

  • Management of the wind energy
    Using the wind energy to turn the turbine on the roof to get rid of hot air and bring fresh air into the house.
    1- by day, turning on the cooling system hidden under the floor and the fresh air system in each storey.
    2- by night, strengthening the cooling of walls and floors of the building