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Organisateur: MPI and Adetef
EVENNEMENT: 9th France-Vietnam Economic and Financial Forum
Lieu: MPI Hanoi - Vietnam
Date: 20/03/2012
Missions: France-Vietnam Economic and Financial Forum
  • The France-Vietnam Economic and Financial Forum was held for the first time on the occasion of the official visit to France of the secretary-general of the Vietnamese Communist Party in May 2000 and confirmed by the signing in Paris of an intergovernmental agreement in October 2002, when the president of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam was on visit. Two co-chairmen were appointed by ministerial decision, respectively:

  • - Mr. Cao Viet Sinh, standing deputy minister of planning and investment.
    - Mr. Christian Jacob, former minister, deputy mayor of Provins, chairman of the National Assembly delegation for land management and sustainable development.

  • The ninth session of the this forum milestone in bilateral cooperation between France and Vietnam was held in Hanoi on 19 and 20 March 2012 on the theme "sustainable urbanization on the peri-urban of cities in Vietnam."

  • Sixteen studies were carried out by Vietnamese and French experts on the subject in recent months, and were presented at the plenary session to an audience of about 200 people, mostly composed of elected officials, senior government Vietnamese People's Committees of Hanoi and other cities, academics and representatives of the French economic operating in Vietnam.

  • EAI-DEGW have a great honor to participate on this event by its study: french and international experiences of clusters and cometitive pole. This study shows how to transfer and develop the economic of periurbain from the low-tech, craftmanship to an economic high add-value by shifting to hi-tech base model.