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Organisateur: EAI
Evennement: Vietnam's trip of EAI France
Lieu: Cafe BonjourVietnam - Dist 3 - HCMC

  • City and place of knowledge
    All cities around the world want to be attractive to companies, researchers and experts from all sectors to develop their economic and architectural, urban treasures. the Knowledge is the key engine, looking around the world, for the development of cities as diverse as Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bombay, Rio, Dubai, Singapore, Tokyo, Montreal, London, New York or Paris.

  • Espace Architecture International presents:
    Tuesday, December 6th, at 19h30 h, Café Bonjour Vietnam, 218 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Dist 3, HCMC
    A quick overview of these places that enrich the cities today: Museums, Libraries, Amusement parks, Science Parks, Universities, Districts of creation, Ring of Science, Incubation of companies etc;

  • This cocktail is an opportunity to present our partners in Vietnam to strengthen the colloboration, opportunities for starting of new year 2012, the year of Dragon, of evolution and success.